Unrivaled - Real-Time GPS Tracking, Towing/Unauthorized Movement Alerts, SMS and Email Security Alert Notifications
Ruggedized - Vibration Resistant and Waterproof, Sealed In An Epoxy-Based Casing, Impervious to Heat and Harsh Elements
Simplified - Easy to Install and Configure, Compact and Discrete, Only Draws 4MA (Doesn't Drain Battery)

Protect Your Ride. Protect Your Freedom! Protect Your Ride. Protect Your Freedom!

If you're a powersport vehicle owner looking for peace of mind, you're looking for real-time GPS-based security and tracking. The past few years have seen the cost of new, high-end powersport vehicles skyrocket; but they haven't seen any major advances in security technology to protect them. In times like these, owners need every advantage possible when it comes to protecting their assets.

RidersEye™ allows you to instantly locate and control your powersport vehicle with a simple click of the mouse. Access location, direction and speed information as well as unrivaled security and monitoring features including a fall-over sensor, starter disable/enable function and SMS or email security notifications. There's even a feature that will notify you of unauthorized movement or towing of your powersport vehicle!

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Real-Time GPS Based Security and Tracking Real-Time GPS Based Security and Tracking